Every purchase you make, helps to encourage people in need. 

5% of your purchase is donated to sustainable and good causes.

Your donation goes to orphanages, asylums, clinics and areas in extreme poverty, helping people to experience the healing benefits of plants through gardening.

The idea is to help them thrive and overcome the situation they are facing with the power of plants. Since, it has been proven, that spending time in nature helps us boosting our mood, relaxing our selves and dealing better with anxiety and depression.

With this program we are making a positive impact in people's lives and also in our planet.

We don't want to create environmental awareness, we want to create environmental action!

So let's get our hands dirty!

Flexible Shipping Dates

Choose your delivery date to accommodate your schedule. Our standard shipping time its two - five days with overnight shipping options

Fresh from the Greenhouse

Plants will arrive direct from our greenhouse, fresh and ready to throve in their new home

Rooted in Happy

30-day satisfaction guarantee plus helpful plant care cards included with each plant to help keep it growing.

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